Info for Bars

If you own a bar in Oregon's metro Portland area we offer FREE same day delivery service.

Yes, FREE, same day with no minimum order, seven days a week to bars in the greater Portland metro area.

I hear you thinking...what's the catch?

In order to offer this unheard of level of customer service, we only ask that you have your order in to us by 2 PM for same day delivery. We are a small store, and the owner is the delivery guy. He usually fills his car about 10:00 AM, does the morning deliveries, and gets back about 2 PM to reload for afternoon deliveries. So if we don't have your order processed by the time he finishes loading up, we cannot guarantee we will be able to get your order to you that day.

If you order after 2:00 PM, you run the risk of not being able to get your order until the next day or you may incur a $10.00 delivery charge.

We do make ordering easy though. You can leave us a voice mail at the store with your order (just please speak slowly and clearly), you can fax your order in, or you can phone us during the day. You can even and type out what you want.